ACCUSCIENCE has served the inorganic analytical chemistry market since 2010. We bring to our customers specialized products for atomic spectroscopy. The company has grown substantially in recent years.

ACCUSCIENCE corporate headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec. Our goal, was to extend our products and services to our clients, in a timely manner. In 2014, ACCUSCIENCE started a new venture in the USA market. The company has established two locations in Tampa, Florida, and a 2nd warehouse in Marlboro, NJ.

Through our facilities in Tampa and NJ. ACCUSCIENCE was able to meet clients need. Whether you are looking for next day ground shipping, faster turn-around. ACCUSCIENCE can help you with your products need

As individuals, we have been working and serving the medical, Organic and Inorganic field since 2000. Our extensive background, have helped us to understand clients need, provide top quality, and most of all incomparable customer-service.

Some products that ACCUSCIENCE carry and offer are made to certain specs that is not easy to find elsewhere.

ACCUSCIENCE is a ONE-STOP-SHOP. Whether, you are looking for: Standards, consumables, buffers, acids, equipment, ACCUSCIENCE got it all.

We are proud to partner-ship with some of the major manufacturers in the market: Glass-Expansion, Precision Glass, High-Purity, Inorganic Ventures, VHG, Meinhard, Aqua solution, GFS, Rica…

ACCUSCIENCE also offers Xylem’s product line. This includes “OI Analytical and Lab synergy for all your Flow chemistry analyzer, TKN, T.P, TOC needs.