ACCUSCIENCE Digestion Block is a kjeldahl digestion system that automates TKN digestions of up to 40 laboratory samples simultaneously. It is ideal for Total Nitrogen (TKN) and Phosphorous (TP) digestion. ACCUSCIENCE Digestion Block uses a microprocessor to precisely control digestion conditions guaranteeing reproducible digestions, completely unattended even overnight. ACCUSCIENCE TKN block, is capable to automatically lift up the sample rack, once digestion is completed; thereby, eliminating over-evaporation. The TKN block is also equipped with a glass manifold. The glass manifold will help to eliminate splashing, and boil over from one sample to another. The automated TKN digestion block will relieve staff from long digestion processes and prepare samples for analysis in advance of your workday, significantly improving laboratory productivity. The solid high-grade aluminium block, encased in a stainless steel housing, ensures an acid resistant and very low maintenance block digester. Users can control temperatures, program digestion methods, pause steps and detect errors through the separate, programmable, acid resistant Controller.

Are you looking or running out of space, and would like to operate the TKN digestion on the counter? No problem!

ACCUSCIENCE can help you with the right setup for your lab needs.

The TKN automated block together with the Scrubber, the lab can finally perform TKN digestion outside of the fume. The acid fumes will be completely neutralized by the scrubber; hence, No acidic waste disposing. All acid fumes generated from the TKN digestions is kept close to room temperature, with the help of the cooling unit attached to the scrubber.

The sample rack is illuminated, makes it easy to monitor boiling samples and evaporation.

For your convenience, the block is equipped with a USB flash drive, you can export documents. A great way to automatically upload data.