For Trace Metal Digestions

  • Soils
  • Sludges
  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater

QBLOCK is a graphite heating block that will simultaneously digest up to 72 samples and it will do it faster, simpler and safer than digestions carried out using traditional laboratory equipment. The robust construction, small footprint and economical pricing makes it ideal for small laboratories or those with limited space looking for simpler and safer digestions.
The QBLOCK is designed to address common digestion safety issues as well as significantly improve laboratory productivity.

“The Smartest Graphite Heating Block available in the market”

QBLOCK Advantages

  • Fast, even heating of both the sides and base of digestion tubes

  • Heating from ambient to 180oC

  • Excellent temperature stability eliminating the need to move individual digestion tubes to a more favorable position

  • Solid graphite heating block with rugged Teflon coating eliminating corrosion and sample contamination

  • Chemically inert and heat resistant digestion tubes

  • Graduated, single use, flat bottom digestion tubes not only optimise heat transfer, they eliminate the need for digestion beakers, volumetric flasks, storage containers, graduated cylinders etc

  • Minimised heat transfer to surrounding workspace

  • Designed to significantly reduce required sample volume, chemicals used, digestion time and power consumption

  • Built-in safety features to protect samples and operators

  • Simple to use

  • Reproducible results

  • Control up to 8 QBLOCKS, with a single controller via ( Wireless-Interface)


  • Extra Racks: Extra racks allow you to weigh sample directly into the digestion tubes. The racks can be transferred directly to the QBLOCK. After digestion the rack can then be used for cooling. Purchase extra racks to facilitate Extra batch handling and sample prep.

  • 50ml Class-A certified Polypropylene low leachable metals tubes available.